2015 The Year in Review

December 16, 2015

It’s hard to believe that 2015 is coming to a close and 2016 is almost here. As part of our end of year wrap up, here are some of the highlights that we would like to share with you.

The year started with drinks and canapes to launch the 10th edition of the R2A Text, which saw a name change to Engineering Due Diligence. The event was well attended by industry colleagues and provided an overview of the new aspects of the book as well as a discussion of the general state of affairs in industry.

Richard and I will host a similar event on 9th February 2016 to launch the updated 10th edition of the text. We will also discuss one of the first prosecutions under new nationally harmonised Work Heath & Safety Laws Brett McKie V Munir Al-Hasani & Kenoss Contractors Pty Ltd (in liq). We would love to see you there so pencil the date into your diaries.

We were privileged to work with many clients throughout the year. Here are a few of the interesting projects completed during the year.


Mega Projects Seminar. The seminar outlined the R2A Project Due Diligence process. This provides an independent snapshot review of the project in a prompt and cost effective manner by identifying and managing potential showstoppers, those issues which are catastrophic to the project. The process overcomes the failures of the ISO 31000 approach and Monte Carlo simulations to identify rare but fatal showstoppers.

Fibrolaser Risk Assessment. A review was undertaken in relation to all elements of the CityLink fire detection and suppression systems within the Burnley and Domain tunnels.

Eagle Farm Pumping Station Operational Due Diligence Review. The objective of the operations due diligence review was to identify and document all reasonably foreseeable scenarios, which may lead to a failure of the Eagle Farm pumping operation and to propose practicable precautions to address these.

Geraldton Port Pilotage Safety Due Diligence Review. A due diligence approach was used for this safety review as the ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard approach is not effective for high consequence - low likelihood events. The review confirmed that all reasonable practicable precautions are in place for all credible, critical safety issues associated with the movement of ships in Geraldton Port.


Gaye and Richard presented at a number of conferences and seminars in 2015 and have availability for similar opportunities next year. Drop Richard or Gaye a line if you have an event coming up.

  • Australian Aviation Wildlife Hazard Group – 2015 Annual Forum. Legal Due Diligence and Wildlife Hazard Management.
  • Safety Institute of Australia – National Safety Convention. Safety Differently – the Role of Due Diligence Engineering.
  • Australasian Marine Pilots Institute – 2015 Pilotage and Logistics Conference. Managing Risk - Sydney Ports Case Study.
  • Institute of Fire Engineers Conference. Fire Engineering Design Implications of the Australian Model WHS Legislation.
  • Electrical Energy Society of Australia – Why a Finnish Community Lobbied for a Backyard Reactor.
  • Engineers Australia Townsville. Safety Case Guidelines.


  • R2A were featured in a number of publications in 2015:
  • Implications of the Model WHS Legislation (Sourceable. February 2015)
  • Mixed Messages from Government on Poles and Wires (Sourceable. April 2015).
  • Should the Victorian Government Cool the Planet to Protect Melbourne? (Sourceable. July 2014)
  • How Engineers Can Minimise Legal and Financial Risk (Sourceable)


From an education perspective, Richard delivered numerous public and in house courses on Engineering Due Diligence as well as continuing to deliver the Swinburne post-graduate unit Introduction to Risk & Due Diligence.

The 2-day joint R2A/EEA engineering due diligence workshop was again successful this year and will continue in 2016. This workshop is aimed at aspiring directors and senior managers. Further details and 2016 dates can be found at https://www.r2a.com.au/education/eea-workshop/

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