To continually improve our business and services we provide, R2A commissioned specialist consultants Leading Matters ®, to independently source the opinions of our clients as part of a Client Satisfaction Survey.

We use R2A exclusively and extensively on an "as needs" basis.

R2A people are easy to talk to, friendly, helpful and have a terrific depth of knowledge and experienced in managing risk and safety. Their value to us is in helping fill the gaps in our organisational knowledge and experience. They give us a sense that they genuinely care for us and they want to see us excel in what we do. To us, they feel like family. We know they're always there for us.

R2A staff are true professionals who continue to surpass our expectations in terms of the service they provide.

Capt. Steve Pelecanos, Chairman, Brisbane Marine Pilots Pty Ltd.

Silcar is more competent in risk management as an organisation as a result of our association with R2A. R2A's demonstrated technical capability in advice on risk management and risk analysis makes the decision to use them easy. The R2A reference text on risk and reliability is one of the best that’s available, especially in the Australian context.

Silcar and R2A have a solid relationship based on shared values. We regard them as strategic advisors. This means that we can share confidential information and have a relationship based on trust.

Silcar's experience is that R2A provide a thorough and reliable service. It’s a focused company with very good consultants – not just one. There's a team of excellent people. The R2A team have a good grasp of the key issues – especially around the broader risk area. For organisations seeking clear headed advice on risk and reliability at a strategic level or expert people to undertake a risk analysis, I have no hesitation in recommending R2A.

Bernie Cooper, Chief Executive Officer, Silcar Pty Ltd, Victoria

R2A is technically competent from an engineering perspective and they're my first port of call for their specific attributes. They provide a service, which is beyond risk management – it's an approach that combines pragmatic engineering and risk management. With R2A you get a person-to-person approach and they're able to use language a non-engineer can understand. It's small enough to retain the quality of service and provide sound technical knowledge and reports.

The size of R2A is a major virtue enabling us to have direct contact with the relevant consultants. If we have needed them, they're available at a price that represents very good value. They're responsive to our needs with service that has been good from start to finish. In recommending them I'd say that they provide highly capable engineering in a risk management context and they're independent and original thinkers.

Dan Twigg, Risk & Performance Manager, Transpower New Zealand Ltd.
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