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SFAIRP for Engineering Due Diligence

R2A is a team of qualified and experienced due diligence engineers in Melbourne Australia who, since 1996, have provided completely independent due diligence advice so critical risk issues demonstrate SFAIRP (so far as is reasonably practicable).

Demonstrating SFAIRP ensures decisions are effective and meet safety and legal requirements.

Whether you require full due diligence or an expert assessment on your internal process, R2A will help you resolve the risk and safety issues that you cannot afford to go wrong, and then communicate the solutions clearly throughout your organisation.
If you want to align the laws of nature and man, ask an engineer.


R2A’s due diligence engineers independently assess and communicate critical risk issues to meet SFAIRP for projects, safety, operations and sustainability.
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R2A works with Government, public and private organisations across various industries, including Aviation, Defence, Mining, Electricity, Gas, Rail, Road, Shipping & Water/Dams.
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R2A partners with Engineering Education Australia to deliver public workshops on Engineering Due Diligence to meet SFAIRP and Criminal Manslaughter - How Not to Do It.
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Tailored briefings & workshops specific to your organisation that showcase the tools and techniques to meet SFAIRP decisions.
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Case Studies

Read our Case Studies that detail various due diligence projects across different industry sectors.
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White Papers

Over the years, R2A has written a number of White Papers on due diligence available for download.
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Purchase R2A's SFAIRP (due diligence) theory & techniques 

Textbook: Engineering Due Diligence - How to Demonstrate SFAIRP

Updated every few years, this extensive resource details the concepts and applications of due diligence - the legal concept that arises when a duty of care exists - and how it's become endemic in Australian legislation. The latest (12th) edition reflects the introduction of criminal manslaughter, using the notion of SFAIRP.
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Handbook: Criminal Manslaughter & How Not To Do It

This is a practical guide for Directors and Senior Managers on how to positively demonstrate safety due diligence as a defence against negligence and, thereby, avoid the possibility of a criminal manslaughter conviction (if the worse should happen).
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R2A Engineering Due Diligence Text - How to Demonstrate SFAIRPCriminal Manslaughter Directors Cut booklet
R2A is sought by organisations across Australia and New Zealand to provide independent due diligence advice using engineering methodologies to demonstrate SFAIRP.

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June 13, 2022
SFAIRP Culture

The Work Health & Safety (WHS) legislation has changed the way organisations are required to manage safety issues. With the commencement of the legislation in WA on 31 March 2022, as well as the introduction of criminal manslaughter provisions in some states, there appears to be an increased energy around safety due diligence. The legislation […]

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February 22, 2022
SFAIRP not equivalent to ALARP

The idea that SFAIRP (so far as is reasonably practicable) is not equivalent to ALARP (as low as reasonably practicable) was discussed in Richard Robinson’s article in the January 2014 edition of Engineers Australia Magazine generates commentary to the effect that major organisations like Standards Australia, NOPSEMA and the UK Health & Safety Executive say that it is. The following review considers each briefly. This is an extract from the 2014 update of the R2A Text (Section 15.3).

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