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Engineering Due Diligence

R2A is a team of qualified and experienced engineers in Melbourne Australia who have provided completely independent due diligence advice on critical risk issues since 1996. This ensures decisions are effective and meet safety and legal requirements.

Whether you require full due diligence or an expert assessment on your internal process, we're here to help you resolve the risk and safety issues that you cannot afford to go wrong, and then communicate the solutions clearly throughout your organisation.

If you want to align the laws of nature and man, ask an engineer.


R2A’s team of engineers independently assess and communicate critical risk issues in an engineering due diligence context for projects, safety, operations and sustainability.
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R2A works across various industries with Government, public and private organisations in Aviation, Defence, Mining, Electricity, Gas, Rail, Road, Shipping & Water/Dams.
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R2A is proud to partner with Engineering Education Australia to deliver a two-day workshop on Engineering Due Diligence.
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Tailored briefings & workshops showcasing the tools and techniques to engineer due diligence specific to your organisation.
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Case Studies

Read our Case Studies that detail various due diligence projects across different industry sectors.
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White Papers

Over the years, R2A has written a number of White Papers on due diligence available for download.
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Engineering Due Diligence Textbook

Updated in 2019, the 11th edition of Engineering Due Diligence is a 296 page resource detailing the concepts and applications of due diligence -- the legal concept that arises when a duty of care exists -- and how it's become endemic in Australian legislation.

The text follows the agenda of our two-day Engineering Due Diligence Course and includes various case studies from our work since 1996.
"A must read for those serious in contemporary risk management techniques.
Graham Hawke, Bureau of Meteorology
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R2A is sought by organisations in various sectors in Melbourne and across Australia to provide independent due diligence advice using engineering methodologies

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October 7, 2020
The Laws of Man vs The Laws of Nature & Safety Due Diligence

One of the odder confusions that R2A happens upon is the proposition that the laws of man are always paramount in all circumstances. It seems to occur most often with persons who work exclusively in the financial sector. From an engineering perspective, this is just plain wrong. When dealing with the natural material spacetime universe, […]

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July 20, 2020
Criminal Manslaughter - Australian paradigm shift for engineers & standards

The rise of criminal manslaughter provisions in health and safety legislation, coupled with the registration of engineers in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, heralds a paradigm shift for engineers and the role of standards in Australian jurisdictions. On July 2020, Victoria commenced the criminal manslaughter provisions of the 2004 OHS Act. Quoting the premier: […]

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