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Defensible Risk Management

R2A is pleased to partner with Engineering Education Australia (EEA) to present Defensible Risk Management Techniques courses.

Details on the course and enrolments are made through the EEA website.


Construction Safety Due Diligence

This one day course focuses on the application of statute law, especially the model WHS legislation and case / common law to the construction environment and includes safety-in-design concerns relating to the application of the hierarchy of controls.

Learn available safety analysis techniques, how and when they can be used and the meaning of the results. The use and abuse of hazard based risk registers are also explored and an alternative, threat-barrier approach is described.

For further information and dates see the EEA website.


Project Due Diligence

Learn how to ensure that what is desired by stakeholders from the project, is delivered. This 1 day course will explain how to identify potential project ‘show stoppers’ in advance, and why the use of the risk management standard (ISO 31000) cannot, of itself, demonstrate due diligence.

The course will articulate a process which has been widely used throughout Australia to deliver projects on time, on budget and to specification, all to the satisfaction of all key stakeholders.

For further information and dates see the EEA website.

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