R2A is a team of Engineers in Melbourne with decades of due diligence and critical risk management experience working across a variety of industries. With a unique ability to work between industry interfaces, such as Rail/Road and Water/Rail, well known organisations rely on our independent risk advice to engineer their due diligence to work effectively, meet safety requirements and be compliant. 

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We work in partnership with experts in the aviation industry and have developed safety case arguments to ensure all sensible, practicable precautions are in place.
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We have developed safety case and due diligence arguments to ensure all sensible practicable precautions are in place.
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We work with Mine Managers to develop risk registers, using threat-barriers diagrams to ensure all precautions are taken to minimise risk.
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We ensure power is safely and effectively delivered to the community, by focusing on sensible practical precautions to ensure positive outcomes.
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Power Inc Gas

We help companies to minimise various risks, using a precautionary due diligence approach to the management of credible on and off-site risks.
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We facilitate and document the resolution of risk and safety issues in a due diligence context for numerous railway and tram projects.
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We work with the road industry companies to facilitate and document the resolution of risk and safety issues in a due diligence context for many road projects.
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We work with companies in the shipping sector to help minimise the chances of risks such as collision, grounding or infrastructure allusions eventuating.
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We help organisations and government authorities to ensure that water is delivered in a safe and effective way, by focusing on practical, sensible precautions.
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