In Australia, the organisations which make up the power industry generate electricity from a variety of energy sources.

The energy these companies generate is transported to end-to-end users via electricity transmission and distribution systems. The fact that power is an essential service on all levels of society is why the power industry needs to be first class when it comes to risk management and due diligence.

The power industry faces a whole range of risks including electrocution, fire/explosion, equipment failure, flood/inundation, as well as external threats such as bushfire. When considering these risks, not only do they come with significant safety implications, they also have the potential to impact security of energy supply. In addition to this, there are the reputation and wider business ramifications that come with such failure.

These real risks are why our team here at R2A works extensively with organisations in the power sector. We ensure power as an essential service, is safely and effectively delivered to the community, by focusing on sensible practical precautions to ensure positive outcomes. Loss of power is a critical threat to all industries, and we help organisations to manage this threat.

Project Overview // Monash Medical Centre Power Supply Operations Due Diligence Review – Waterman AHW Consultants

R2A recently undertook an operations due diligence review for the power supply at the Monash Medical Centre. The study utilised our Operations Due Diligence methodology.  This process tests for the catastrophic, low likelihood outliers before it optimises for operational availability. It does this by testing the system as a whole in relation to management concerns, applying a top-down systems analysis approach that focuses analysis effort where it is needed.  This approach means many lower-level sub-systems don’t need to be analysed in detail, as further analysis is not performed if information to answer the question is produced. It also aligns results with management’s concerns, often with far less effort and more clarity than a full bottom-up analysis.


Project Overview // Expert Risk Management Advisor to the Powerline Bushfire Safety Taskforce

R2A Director Richard Robinson was the expert Risk Management Member of the Victorian Powerline Bushfire Safety Taskforce (2012-13) arising from the Victorian Royal Commission into the Black Saturday Bushfires. The Taskforce adopted R2A’s precautionary approach to risk management consistent with the model WHS legislation. Appendix E, Threat-Barrier Analysis, was the particular responsibility of R2A and developed by the two R2A directors, Gaye Francis and Richard Robinson and was the basis of Cabinet’s decision, in policy terms, as to the optimal precautionary spend to prevent fires from faults on the (rural) electrical distribution network (primarily 22kV and SWER). The taskforce’s final report can be downloaded here – PBST Final Report

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