Our road infrastructure is critical to the success of industry and the lives of all Australians.

Road transport is an essential element in the Australian Transport Network and our economy depends on it. Australia relies heavily on road transport and for these reasons, there is large investment in road infrastructure.

The road industry faces major public safety concerns, and the mitigation of collision risk is central to those. Road tunnels have additional safety concerns associated with risks including fires and explosions in confined spaces. Major incidents not only have massive implications when it comes to public safety, they also have wider business and reputational ramifications.

As well as the above concerns, the road industry is under increasing public scrutiny during the delivery of large infrastructure projects which are expected to achieve the desired outcomes and be delivered on time, to budget, safely and to specification.


Project Overview // Tugun Bypass Project – Pacific Link Alliance

A number of risk studies were completed for the Tugun Bypass project including a tunnel fire issues review. This commission investigated the credible fire scenarios associated with the Tugun Bypass tunnel. The results of the review fed into the Fire Engineering Design and Report, the Incident Response Plans and the Safety Integrity Level review of the Information, Communication and Technology System. This review involved all external stakeholders.

A Safety Integrity Level (SIL) review to determine the appropriate SIL rating was also completed for the safety control system being installed as part of the Intelligent Transport System.


Project Overview // East Link – Theiss John Holland

R2A was commissioned by Thiess John Holland to assist them with the establishment of a risk management framework for the East Link Project. A number of risk management tasks were undertaken, namely:

  • A top down, high level vulnerability assessment to ensure all stakeholder (Thiess John Holland, ConnectEast, Independent Reviewer, Southern & Eastern Integrated Transport Authority) objectives were achieved;
  • A geographic or zonal risk ‘completeness’ assessment, undertaken by examining each major element in its geographic, community and environmental context; and;
  • Bottom-up design discipline reviews, which make continuous reference to the higher level studies ensuring that such detailed technical reviews remain contextually sound, transparently connected to these overarching issues.

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