Shipping plays a vital role in helping to build the Australian economy.

Australia relies on sea transport for 99% of our exports. A substantial proportion of our domestic freight also depends on coastal shipping. The Australian government is committed to supporting an efficient, safe and environmentally friendly maritime transport industry.

As a transport industry, the shipping sector faces real risks every day, including the risk of ship collision, grounding and infrastructure allusions. These all pose major public safety and environmental concerns to the industry, and they also present wider business and reputational ramifications, particularly in terms of environmental consequences.


Project Overview // Sydney Ports Pilotage Safety Due Diligence Review

In late 2013, R2A were commissioned to complete a safety due diligence review to confirm that all reasonable practicable precautions are in place for all credible, critical safety issues associated with the movement of ships in Port Botany and Sydney Harbour. The results of which were incorporated into the Pilotage Safety Management System (PSMS).

A generalised common law safety case approach was used to document all statutory, regulatory and common law requirements. It considered a number of arguments to demonstrate that all reasonable practicable precautions are in place to manage all credible critical issues including collision, grounding and allision. Issues were identified on a zonal (geographic) basis.

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