Safety Due Diligence

The model WHS (Work, Health and Safety) legislation has commenced in all Australian jurisdictions except, at the time of writing, Victoria and Western Australia. It requires that responsible officers positively demonstrate due diligence with regards to safety meaning that risks be should eliminated (or if this is not practicable), reduced so far as is reasonably practicable (SFAIRP).

Essentially the new legislation requires a positive demonstration of due diligence. This is a paradigm shift from the traditional hazard based approach (encouraged by the risk management standard) to a precaution based risk management process.

The ‘Y’ model approach was developed by R2A with Gladstone Area Water Board in 2011 to specifically address the requirements of the model Act. The process has been applied to many companies and authorities since, always to the satisfaction of relevant legal counsel. The steps involve:

  • Identification of all Credible Critical Issues
  • Identifying all Practicable Precautions
  • Determining Reasonable Practicability
  • Barrier Implementation and Quality Assurance

Read more in our Safety Due Diligence Whitepaper

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