Case Studies

Since 1996, the team at R2A Due Diligence Engineers has worked with 100s of organisations across Australia to improve their risk management processes, governance for diligent decision making. Read about some of our work in the below case studies.


Powerline Bushfire Safety Taskforce

The Powerline Bushfire Safety Taskforce (Taskforce) was formally constituted in August 2010 to consider how the Victorian Government should implement the recommendations of the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission in relation to the replacement of powerlines (recommendation 27) and changing the operation of the network (recommendation 32). The Victorian government, in early 2012, accepted all of the recommendations of the Taskforce with regard to powerline infrastructure and management in Victoria. Richard Robinson from R2A was the expert risk management member of the panel and R2A provided the methodology and modelling approach adopted by the Taskforce.



Procurement of E Class Trams

In December 2008, the Victorian Government released its $38b Victorian Transport Plan to address Melbourne’s rapidly growing public transport needs. R2A was engaged as the independent risk advisors for the purchase and implementation of 50 new low floor trams for the Melbourne tram system. With assistance from the experts at R2A, Public Transport Victoria, executed a critically driven project due diligence procurement process that proved to be very successful while ensuring the organisation’s confidence in the project.



Sydney Ports Pilotage Safety Due Diligence Review

The following case study has been developed based on the review for Sydney Harbour (Port Jackson). It is presented with the approval of the Harbour Master. A safety due diligence review was completed to confirm that all reasonable practicable precautions are in place for all credible, critical safety issues associated with the movement of ships in Sydney Harbour. The results of which were incorporated into the Pilotage Safety Management System (PSMS).



Airspace Collision Risk Model

Following on-going safety concerns, the International Federation of Airline Pilots’ Association labelled Taupo airport in New Zealand a ‘black star’ or critically deficient airport. At the time it was the only black star airport with 11 special operating procedures in the world. R2A were engaged as part of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) study team to complete a generative and collaborative aeronautical study using the Aerodrome Aerospace Risk Modelling tool previously developed by R2A for the CAA. Resolving the matter required a line to be drawn in the sand.



Rockfalls In Cuttings

Large rocks falling onto tracks in cuttings are a major hazard that affects many Australian railways. A train colliding with a large rock can potentially result in significant loss of life and major service interruptions. Railcorp, in trying to resolve the rock fall issue at Lapstone Cutting, initially took the traditional hazard based approach. This was unable to solve the problem. In search of a fresh view, Railcorp then consulted R2A.



Critical Infrastructure Review

Gladstone Area Water Board (GAWB) commissioned R2A to undertake a critical infrastructure due diligence review to ensure that all reasonable practicable precautions were in place to provide adequate water supplies to GAWB bulk customers. The review identified critical infrastructure, key threat scenarios and the possible precautionary options.



Tunnel // Risk Assessment & Mitigation Strategies

In Australia, there appears to be no single agreed approach to tunnel design and fire protection. Even within the states there are different criteria and approaches. Over the years, R2A have been engaged to complete risk studies for a number of tunnel projects. We believe that the process successfully applied to the Tugun Bypass Tunnel in Queensland, is best practice.


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