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Read our Due Diligence White Papers to better understand the concept of engineering due diligence for safety, projects and operations and how it helps deliver better decision making and governance that's more effective, safe and compliant.


Safety Due Diligence

In reality, to be safe means to be free from harm. In court, safe means that, despite something apparently unsafe having happened, due diligence has been demonstrated. In engineering terms this means that to be safe requires managing the laws of nature in a way that is consistent with the laws of man and in that order.

Through the R2A consulting work, we have developed a successful process to positively demonstrate safety due diligence consistent with the requirements of the model Work Health and Safety Act. The R2A approach adopts a precautionary common law formulation for the demonstration of due diligence as a defence against negligence.

R2A have provided this Whitepaper, as a summary of the key requirements of the model WHS Act and outline why your traditional risk management processes, are likely to fail the challenge of the Act. We conclude by practically demonstrating how R2A can help your business in this process.



Project Due Diligence

Critical to Australia’s continued growth is the delivery of large infrastructure projects and the procurement of fit for purpose plant and equipment in a timely and cost effective manner. But many fail to deliver.

There are many reasons cited including:

  • Lack of clear links to strategic outcomes
  • Lack of effective stakeholder engagement
  • Lack of senior management support
  • Specialist groups within an organisation operating in silos

For projects to be successful, in terms of both project performance and project delivery, they require a contextually sound, robust and transparent project governance structure and effective project risk management processes. These two elements combined demonstrate project due diligence.



Operations Due Diligence

Senior decision makers are always seeking improvements to efficiency and productivity in operations, including mines, plants and other systems.

Staff are encouraged to present them. But the value of the proposed upgrades is often not transparently presented in a way that can be readily interpreted by management, shareholders, boards, accountants and lawyers.

Operations Due Diligence has been successfully applied by R2A for coal mines, water treatment and power station plant upgrade options analysis, gas distribution, freeway tolling systems, essential services supply networks, bank and broker computer centres, waste recycling facilities and network black start requirements.

This paper provides a summary of the challenges faced by managers of operations and how R2A’s proven Operations Due Diligence approach provides an effective way forward.


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