R2A's team of engineers (located in Melbourne) have been delivering independent risk advice for due diligence for organisations in a variety of industries for more than three decades. If you can't afford your project to go wrong, we'll deliver diligent decision making to ensure it's effective, safe and compliant.

Read about our different service offerings below or contact us for a confidential discussion about your organisation's due diligence needs.

Project Due Diligence, Melbourne

Project due diligence provides a transparent argument as to why the critical success factors for the project will be achieved whilst ensuring there are no foreseeable project show stoppers.
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Safety Due Diligence

The model WHS (Work, Health and Safety) legislation requires responsible officers to positively demonstrate due diligence with regards to safety. R2A’s safety due diligence approach demonstrates that risks are eliminated or reduced so far as is reasonably practicable (SFAIRP).
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Operations Due Diligence

R2A’s Operations Due Diligence process addresses issues from a strategic viewpoint by determining the actual plant efficiency in the context of all of the credible risk issues and system characteristics to which the site is exposed. This highlights the areas of greatest concern.
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Sustainability Due Diligence

Sustainability Due Diligence applies the concept of due diligence to all future generations to ensure that all reasonable practicable precautions are in place for projects and plans that have long term implications
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Safety Integrity Level

To minimise dangerous failures of safety-related systems that use electrical and/or electronic and/or programmable electronic (E/E/PE) technologies, R2A uses a due diligence process to determine the required safety allocation of E/E/PE SIL
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